Faceless is an NFT collection of genderless avatars. Each avatar is exclusive and has its own characteristics. Each avatar represents a unique archetype in Metatown.

Meet my first collectible project. My name is Arthur. I'm a visionary, NFT artist from the Middle East. Each avatar hand crafted with love ︎. 

Call yourself not who you are today, but whom you want to be tomorrow. Choose your own avatar that reflects your personality and identity.

This collection is unique in the blockchain. All avatars are individuals.


Phase 1 (You’re here)

• Creating the highest quality collectibles 21/100.
• Create a website.
• All avatars will be minted by author till the end 2022.
• The Club membership.
• Holders will be able to use the nfts as all reserved rights in the metaverse.
• Holders will get access to early drops and benefits.

Phase 2

• A private channel in Telegram for holders.
• Club member exclusive items.
• Yacht parties in Dubai.
• 1 ETH giveaway.
• 5 ETH giveaway.
• Fly ticket on Emirates Airlines Business Class to Dubai
and accommodation in 5 Star hotel, upon 100 avatars sold.

When will it be released?

2Q 2022.

What it the supply?

100 unique avatars.

How do I get one?

You can find them on the marketplace

Are they animated?

They are static images.
But some rare NFTs will have animation.

What is blockchain currency?


Do you have a smart contract?

No, I use foundation.app as a source of truth.

What intellectual property rights do Faceless holders have?

Owners of Faceless avatars have full commercial art rights.


You can buy all my artworks and it will be available to you for the rest of your life. If you have any questions or difficulties - write to hello@arturmineev.com